Fitness program for enterprises

In an increasingly sedentary society, the promotion of the practice of physical or sporting activities asserts itself as a factor of public health. The lack of time and motivation are the main obstacles because people are waiting for a physical activity offer that integrates with their daily lives and their time, distance and money constraints. Despite the lack of suitable premises or human resources, the question of the well-being of employees to improve their living and working conditions concerns all companies.


The benefits of physical activity or sport

There is a clear link between physical activity and sport, the well-being of individuals and the competitiveness of companies.

  • People who feel good in their bodies, well in their heads are as good at work (decrease in absenteeism, increased work capacity...)
  • 1 to 4% improvement in profitability
  • From 6% to 9% improvement in productivity / employee
  • 81% of companies that offer sports to their employees have a better image thus improving their reputation
  • New management tool (cohesion, self-confidence, improvement of the company / employee relationship)


Synthesis and recommendations of Inserm



Our solution: a 100% customized fitness program

Easily set up an innovative outsourced service offering thanks to Sport Challenge Performance who has developed a unique custom-made fitness program, developed by our professional sports coaches to meet the growing demand for sport / health.

  • A 9 week fitness program adapted to each user
  • From 1 to 4 sessions per week
  • The choice of 5 sports activities per session (treadmill, training bike, running, elliptical, rower)
  • Successful physical progression of users
  • A white label platform
  • Integration of your social networks
  • Your advertising on your users’ dashboard
  • Complete follow-up of your users


Your communication support to distribute each fitness program to your partners is a customizable card with on the back, a unique access code to scratch to connect to the platform.

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